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Vince Stanzione Millionaire Dropout book - Business Start Up Show May 2015 | The Millionaire Dropout

Want to start or grow your own business? Come and see Vince Stanzione at the Business Show

by on April 21, 2015 in Breaking News, Making Money

Vince Stanzione Millionaire Dropout author

Vince Stanzione Millionaire Dropout

Business Show London Thursday 14th May 2015 – Free Ticket and hear Vince Stanzione LIVE explaining how you can start your own business on a shoestring budget. If you have dreamed about being your own boss then come along to this show.

Looking for ways to grow or market a business? Vince will give you his top tips and show you streetwise ways to market your business.
Not sure what to sell? Vince will show you the hottest markets now and how to tap in to them.

If you’re interested in starting or expanding a business then I strongly advise you visit The Business Show on Thusday 14th May at the Excel Centre, London and you can get a free ticket by following the link below.
Note: The show is on 13th & 14th May however I will only be speaking on the 14th May at 2pm at the Wiley Startup School Seminar.

The talk will be on starting a business on a shoestring budget as outlined in my New York Times bestseller The Millionaire Dropout, Fire your boss, do what you love and reclaim your life. If you don’t have the book you can grab a copy here: http://amzn.to/Z4UdvO

Being your own boss could be the ticket out of your boring 9-to-5 job and the key to achieving a healthy work-life balance.
“Many people can’t believe it, but you really can do it,” says the former city trader who started his first business aged 11 and made his first million by the time he was 26. “I have already done it many times and today, thanks to the technology, software and tools that are available on the internet, it has become easier than ever to get started.”
“First of all, I am not talking about going all-in straight away and giving up your day job based on your new business idea” he explains. “HStart your own business Vince Stanzioneowever, there are so many businesses that you could start at home in your spare time simply using with what you already have, such as a home computer, an iPad or even your smart phone, to sell a product or provide a service online.”

Keeps your costs low
Knowledge and information is something you can share cheaply, and Stanzione reveals how “How To” products such as DVDs, CDs, books, audiobooks or even websites subscriptions can be very successful. The infrastructure and audience is already in place to sell these information products on either Amazon or eBay.
“These products are all things you can produce yourself for a relatively low cost,” reveals the entrepreneur, who also shares his secrets in his book “The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love, Reclaim Your Life,” which quickly became a New York Times Bestseller. “What you are really selling is your knowledge and expertise, so the DVD, CD or website is simply a cheap way to deliver that to the customer.”


“When you are starting your business on such a low budget, you simply cannot afford to focus on products that are going to cost you a lot of money and may quickly tie up thousands in stock before you have even made a sale. You want to concentrate on things that give you a very high margin – something that costs you $1 but you can add value to so it will sell for $10. Jewellery is a good example.”

Research thoroughly onlinevince stanzione millionaire dropout
The key to a successful online business is not selling a product that you love and want to sell, it is giving people what they are already looking for.
You may have come up with a number of ideas for your business, but Stanzione says the next step is to find out if there is really a market out there for it. This can be done very easily using the many free tools and resources that are available online, or even just searching on Google, by looking at sites such as eBay and Amazon, or digging into Google Trends to see what people are actively searching for.

“It may sound simple, but it is a mistake people make again and again. Don’t sell what you want – concentrate on giving people what they want,” he advises. “If you have an audience calling out for a product or service, selling it is inevitably going to be a lot more productive than trying to create demand for something new or simply ram it down people’s throats. Remember you don’t have the multi-million pound budgets big companies have to play with to try and convince us how great their new product is and why we should all buy it. What you need to be looking for is what the hot markets are, and what people are already talking about.”


Seasonal can be successful


Stanzione also points out the importance of capitalising on the potential seasonality of markets, which affects a huge number of products and services, some of which may be surprising. “People’s willingness to spend money on all kinds of products typically goes up around holidays – particularly Christmas, but you will even see increased demand for some products around Halloween now,” Stanzione says.
“If you are smart you can tailor-make your offering according to the time of year. There is nothing wrong with having a business that is only good for Christmas as long as you recognise the seasonality and plan around it. Of course, with some clever planning you can have more than one seasonal business, so in the months running up to Christmas you might focus on marketing and building content to sell Christmas jumpers, for example, then as you see the level of demand start to decline you can turn your attention the swimwear you will be selling through the summer. That’s the nice thing about a small business – you’re flexible and agile, so you can move around to capitalise quickly on opportunities.”

One of the thiTraffic Sign "Outsourcing"ngs that deters many potential entrepreneurs from starting a business is the worry that they won’t have all the skills to make it on their own. However, Stanzione points out that just because you’re a one-person set-up it doesn’t mean you need to know how to do everything, as many successful entrepreneurs have proved.
“There are so many ways you can outsource the tasks that you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do,” Stanzione continues. “Lots of people have the ability to write an interesting, helpful or entertaining piece that people will want to read, but wouldn’t have clue how to put it in a format people can access. There are sites now such as fiverr.com where for just $5 you can find an expert who will convert your work into a Kindle-compatible ebook, suddenly opening it up to a wider audience. Alternatively try guru.com, where you’ll find an expert in almost any particular field you might need that is ready to help you.”


Wants over needs
So what is Stanzione’s most important rule for success?
“It might sound counterintuitive, but don’t sell people what they need,” he says. “Sell them what they want. People don’t need a Ferrari – but they want a Ferrari. People do need life insurance but it’s much harder to sell something like that than the things people really want and get excited about. If you have a product people are excited about they’ve already partly sold it to themselves.”

Coming up with a product people want might sound easier said than done, so here are just a few ideas on what you should be looking to sell and what people are interested in.

If you try to base your product or service around one or more of these “hot buttons” it will really increase your chance of success:

Earning Money: Like it or not, money is something almost everybody would like more of, so offering advice along the lines of “How To Make Money As…” or “How to become a [profession]” will catch people’s attention. Offering a “Quick/easy/simple” solution that requires little effort will appeal to many people. The flip-side to this is equally effective, as most people will be interested in something that stops them losing money.

Improving Health: We live in increasingly health and image conscious times, so offering something to help people “Look Good, Feel Great” such as a weight loss product or a fashion/style service for the over 50’s has a broad appeal.

Saving Time: Everyone is so “busy” these days, so try offering a solution that allows people to spend less time on things they don’t want to do, and mThe millionaire dropout book by vince stanzione. Learn to be rich. How to be rich. Make money from home. Fire your boss. Make money as an entrepreneurore on the things that they do want to do.

Attracting the opposite Sex: Relationships dominate the thoughts of many people, both male and female, so products and services that will help in that area will always catch people’s attention.

Leisure time – niche interests: Sports, travel, writing, painting and hobbies in general are areas that people are passionate about, but there are so many specialist variations of these activities that if you can identify the right field you can really own a particular niche.

In Summary Vince Stanzione says “Whether it’s part-time to begin with, acting as an agent, or consulting to a few customers alongside your existing job, start your own business and be proud about what you do. You are not going to get rich working for someone else.”

To come hear Vince Stanzione live completely free of charge on Thursday 14th May just get your take new to the Business Show.


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