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Travel Like a King on a Pauper's Budget | The Millionaire Dropout

Travel Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

by on March 28, 2013 in Saving Money


Travel Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget

Saving money on travel …

What could be better than travelling first class and staying in the best hotels? Of course, there is one major disadvantage – the price tag. The cost of premium flights can be over ten times that of economy class, whilst high-end hotels average upwards of $300 a night. A little insider knowledge, however, can go a long way.

Here are five top tips for travelling like a king on a pauper’s budget.


Book Flights in Advance

When it comes to flights, the good deals go first. Despite what you may think about ‘last minute’, the few remaining seats on a flight usually sell at a premium. The optimum time to book is between 30 and 90 days before you fly. Book far enough in advance and use the special sales, and you can often get first and business class tickets at close-to-economy prices. I explain more how to do this in my book.

Example of A British Airways Business and First Class Sale: Tip if BA go on sale normal Virgin follows

book first and business clas airlines for less


Don’t Book Flights Direct

Airlines don’t want to publicise the fact that their flights can be bought at a discount, so don’t book direct with an airline – you’re unlikely to get a good deal. Instead, use a travel agent.

Travel agents act like brokers for flights, buying up many seats at a discount. You’ll get a much better deal using an agent, especially if you telephone and negotiate a discount in person, rather than book over the web

Learn About Airline Ticket Categories

Not all business and first class tickets are made equal. There are ‘premium’ and ‘standard’ versions, which are priced differently.

‘Premium’ business and first class tickets come with extras, such as a limo to the airport and drive-through check-in. Of course, you pay extra for these perks. But if you’re anything like me, you’d rather save hundreds of dollars and do without these additions. After all, you’re in exactly the same cabin when you fly, even if you arrived by your own means.

For discounted versions of high flier tickets, look for ticket codes ‘A’ in first class, and codes ‘D’, ‘I’ and ‘Z’ in business class. This is travel agent language for a ‘discounted fare’.

These tickets mean no limo to the airport and cancellation conditions apply, but when you’re in the air, your experience is 100% first or business class.

Look for Flight and Hotel Combos

Flight and hotel deals are often a better bargain than a flight alone – even if the hotel at the end isn’t wonderful. I’ve got some incredible flight bargains this way. In fact, I’ve sometimes found such good deals that I even booked an extra hotel at my destination and still saved plenty.

Book Hotels Last Minute

Unlike flights, hotels do offer good last minute deals. You can also secure good ‘secret hotel’ deals. These are where hotels want to discount their rooms, without being seen publicly to cut prices. You book knowing only the star rating and the area, but the price is usually a third off the usual booking rate. With a bit of searching from the description you can many times workout which hotel it is.

If you’d rather know where you’re staying, a polite phone call to the hotel on the day of your intended stay will usually secure you a discount. Explain you’re on a budget, and ask what deals they might have available that night. Ask for the duty manager if necessary. Most hotels would prefer to fill a room at a discount than have it stand empty.

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