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The key to being successful? Act as if you already are | The Millionaire Dropout

The key to being successful? Act as if you already are

by on April 11, 2014 in Uncategorized


“Success breeds success.” It is a commonly used phrase, but it is very true. We have all experienced it at one time or another – whether it is in our professional or personal lives, sometimes it just feels like we’re on a roll and everything clicks into place much more easily than normal.

So why is it that we get on these “lucky” rolls in life? Well, the fact is our body language and attitude says a lot before we have even opened our mouths, and when things are going well it is easy to have a positive attitude. Whether you are trying to make a sale to a customer or talk to an attractive person in a bar, they have probably formed an opinion before they have heard what you have to say, so if you’re not confident and positive you might already be fighting a losing battle. Why should they believe you, if you don’t even believe in yourself?

The key is acting as if you are already successful. If you approach people with a confident, positive and friendly manner, they are more likely to buy into what you have to say. It is simply bringing out the right kind of body language – try the following 7 tips, and you’ll be surprised at what a differesmilence it makes.

A smile can go a long way:

If you ask for something with a smile you are much more likely to get it than if you are grumpy. Try it – it gives off a positive statement about yourself, and gives others confidence in what you are saying. It is an international language that has the power to generate positive feeling towards you. It even comes across on the telephone, and one well-known telesales company even mirrors on staff’s desks so they can see their expressions when they’re selling.

Warm up your tone of voice:

To be able to speak in public is a very valuable asset, but it takes practice and courage. The way you speak can help or hinder you in life, and while we shouldn’t all be trying to speak like the queen – we should all stay true to who we are – it is helpful to stop to listen to ourselves sometimes.

Try to speak clearly and avoid cutting words short. If you speak too quickly, you’ll sound nervous, but speaking too slowly can lose your audience’s interest as they get bored. I have sold hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of products over the phone, everything from computer software to stocks and shares, and the best tip I can give you is to walk around a little while you talk – the spring in your step keeps your mind switched on and the energy makes you sound more engaging.

In the technology-driven world we live in I guarantee that clear speech is a skill worth practising. Whether it is on TV, radio, Skype, YouTube or just the telephone, being able to communicate effectively will put you ahead of most people in life.


Be enthusiastic:

Do not sound unsure or timid in what you say, even if you are. Whatever the product or service is that you are asking for, ask for it with enthusiasm and nine times out of ten you will get it. Trust me, asking with enthusiasm makes it much harder to say no.

Make good eye contact:

When somebody doesn’t look you in the eye, they are seen as shifty and dishonest. In today’s digital world this can be particularly important for web meetings and Skype calls – look at the camera, not the person on the screen and you will appear much more engaging to the other participants.

Have a firm handday23-handshakeshake:

In the age of email it is easy to forget about a handshake, but male or female, a firm handshake can give the very best first impression and tell the other person that you mean business.

Take interest in others:

This is a very important, and often rare, quality. You can’t fake friendliness, but treat everyone with respect and dignity and you never know who will make a big difference to your comfort and success. You don’t have to be false, but having a friendly conversation with the people you encounter helps maintain and spread your positivity – and you never know, if that desk clerk you had a chat with can offer an upgrade, he is much more likely to think of the person who took an interest in him.

Have good posture:

Whatever your height, stand tall. Walking tall and sitting well communicates confidence and success to others, as well as allowing you to speak more clearly. It is impossible to feel good if you are constantly slouched, looking down, but an upright posture coupled with some energetic movements like a little spring in your step instantly give you an air of success that other people will notice.man-with-tick-box

In summary, whatever your financial or personal situation, you don’t need to let the world know if you’re having a hard time. Walk and talk with purpose and confidence and the world is much more likely to listen to what you have to say. When you’re at a party, nobody wants to be stuck with the miserable person in the corner, and nobody wants to listen to the person that only wants to talk about themselves. I don’t know about you, but I like to deal with colourful people, and if I’m looking for an employee I will look for the enthusiastic, engaging candidates every time.

You may have heard the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” I prefer to say “Act as if.” Act as if you already have what you want, and the chances are you’ll get it. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and with the right attitude and determination, you’ll start to get what you want. It might not happen overnight, but you’ll get there.

Vince Stanzione is a self-made multi-millionaire, investor and author of the New York Times Bestselling book The Millionaire Dropout: Fire your boss, do what you love & reclaim your life. See www.themillionairedropout.com for more details. Grab your copy now from AMAZON click here

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