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The Crappy Person Checklist | The Millionaire Dropout

The Crappy Person Checklist

by on November 17, 2017 in Uncategorized


On a slightly different note today I want to share a great post from my friend James Altucher. I have known James for some years and we did an interview some time ago you can still listen to it here. James is a real character been involved in the Hedge fund business, Dot com start ups, made millions, lost them and has tried to kill himself a few times along the way!


Try this checklist:

Do you feel bad or anxious after you spend time with them?
Are you more often than not, arguing with them?
Do they put you down in a way that is destructive and not constructive?
Do they try to limit your opportunities?
Do they try to isolate you from your friends?
Do they resent your successes in any way – or try to compete with your successes?
Do they not listen to you as much as you listen to them?
Do they add drama to your life instead of remove drama? And what is drama? It took me a long time to realize what “drama” meant. Drama is for the theater and not for your life. In a good drama, often the hero dies. Don’t be the hero of a drama.
Do you get so busy with their life you forget about your own health, your own creativity, your own ability to change and better the world? Remember: if you are not making the choices in your life, someone else is – and the results won’t be good. You need to choose yourself.

The Crappy Person Checklist also applies to business and your work life. I think many forget that whole purpose of trading and investing is not to have the biggest pile of money in the bank but to have a full, healthy and fulfilling life. As many know my number one goal is lifestyle and freedom not money.
As I am sure in your life from time to time “crappy people” will come in to it, many times you will not notice but there effects on your well-being can be very negative.

Of course what I suggest doing is reversing the “crappy list” and use it help you find good people to be associated with in your life. I am not saying its going to be rainbows everyday but on the whole are those around you making you happy and contributing to your well being?

The Crappy Person Checklist

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