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Small Business Start Up ideas and mistakes to avoid | The Millionaire Dropout

I cannot start my own business because….

by on August 18, 2013 in About the Book, Breaking News, Making Money


If you find yourself saying “I cannot start my own business because….” then really now is the time to take a hard look at what is stopping you and how you can break down this challenges and get started.

The big one I hear is “I don’t know it all” – Well no one does and nor do you have to. Remember—you can outsource most tasks, license products, buy resale rights, have someone else write a book for you, or research a product.

Thanks to the global marketplace and sites like http://www.fiverr.com, http://www.elance.com, and http://www.guru.com, almost any task can be outsourced at a reasonable price.

Contrary to popular belief, starting something badly, or in a small way, is better than doing nothing. If you keep putting off starting your business until you know everything about everything, you will

never start.

Here is a classic quote that sums up my argument:

Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.

—R.H. Schuller


Very true. When I started my business, I had far less knowledge than you will have after reading my book The Millionaire Dropout. My circumstances forced me to start, even though I wasnt ready, but I dont regret it. Looking back, I cringe at some of the mistakes I made in the early days, but at least I started. I was a player, not a spectator, and thats the difference between me and most other people else.

I was always crazy enough to believe in what I was doing and crazy enough to dream. I kept going, even though low points and setbacks, as I knew I was doing the right thing and believed I would be rewarde done day.

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Here is a video with some top tips from Godaddy.com founder Bob Parsons

Here is a great short video from Bob Parsons

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