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Do you have the Luck factor in 2014? | The Millionaire Dropout

Do you have the Luck factor in 2014?

by on January 17, 2014 in Breaking News, Self Development


In my book The Millionaire Dropout I talk about “Luck” and the studies done by Professor Richard Wiseman.

I hate it when people say “you’re lucky” as the truth is we make our own luck and more importantly it’s how we deal with negative events and “bad luck” and how you turn those negative events around.  I get people that say that there are no opportunities! Please open your eyes –  every day I find plenty, it’s never been as easy to be a millionaire and multi-millionaire as it is today.

In the Luck Factor book Richard gives 4 differences

1.      Lucky people consistently encounter chance opportunities

2.      Lucky people make good decisions

3.      Lucky people’s dreams, ambitions, and goals have an uncanny knack of coming true

4.      Lucky people have an ability to turn their bad luck into good fortune

What I think is important to differentiate that we are making our own luck rather than just sitting at home and wishing we were lucky.

You can read more about The Millionaire Dropout, Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love here.


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